Book Tag — Stay at Home

Thanks to Adele @ Delly Bird who has one of the most beautiful blogs I’ve seen (see for yourself), for tagging me in the Stay at Home book blogger tag! This is going to be my first book blogger tag, since launching this blog.

Laying in Bed

a book you read in one day

I came across Rina Kent’s writing in the Noble Savage anthology last year, I read a few stories until I got to Cruel King, which I instantly enjoyed, infact I couldn’t get into any other story in the trilogy after, ever since then anytime I pick up her books to read, I read them in one sitting and her writing is one I’ve grown to love, you should check out her other books on Goodreads.


a book that is a ‘guilty pleasure’ read 

Guilty pleasure reads are books that are taboo in nature, books that are so bad, they become good? Like teacher and student, step siblings etc. I just love reading books that are apparently bad in societal standards, it’s a guilty pleasure because if it wasn’t fiction, I most definitely frown upon many of the behaviours I take pleasure from reading about, such as bully romance.


a series you want to start

When it comes to books, I prefer going on a binge reading spree after all books are published because I hate waiting for the next book, and in between a book release and it’s next book, I tend to read a lot or crave books similar to it, so I read so much books, everything is a blur and I usually forget key details or even forget I’ve read the book, which is why I am waiting until The Havoc Boys series is complete.

Deep Clean

a book that has been on your TBR for ages

All I see is people gushing about this book, that I even got it for free on my kindle at a point before it was as popular as it is now, and just because I haven’t read The Kiss Quotient, I refuse to read Helen’s other books, something is clearly wrong with me here.

Animal Crossing

a book you recently bought because of the hype

I honestly don’t buy any book because of hype, I mean I will look at what people are saying etc but as a rule I only buy books I want to read because, books aren’t cheap. Why buy a book you’re not sure about just because it has hype? Don’t do that people—my own opinion. But a book I was interested in, that I was ultimately sold on by people is this one Get a Life, Chloe Brown.


a book you learned from or had an impact on you

Without Merit is always going to be important to me, because I read it and I didn’t even know it was going to affect me as bad as it did, because I found myself bawling my eyes out, because I was feeling everything and I could relate with Merit so badly, by the time I finished reading it it felt like a weight had been lifted from my chest and I could be better.


a book you were gifted

I haven’t been gifted a book recently, but I got approved to read a book by it’s author which can be a gift itself? I know it’s not entirely the case here, but it’s the first book I’m getting to review in exchange of a review, which I find is a pretty fair deal, since I was the one to reach out!

Self Care

one thing you have done recently to look after yourself

I guess I’ve been getting enough sleep and time for myself to do things I like such as read and not worry about rushing to office? I’m not really doing anything but breathe and live, while staying indoors to remain safe.


an upcoming release you are looking forward to

I’m a huge fan of Lara’s, especially this book, Not Just Another Interlude…I have read several of her stories over the years on Wattpad. You can’t find any on it now, she’s taken her stories off, but I remember when she started writing it and I’m just proud of the feat she has accomplished, with getting it signed under a publisher. I can’t wait to buy and read the final version.

I Tag

hello you, i love your blog/content…please accept my tag

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6 thoughts on “Book Tag — Stay at Home

  1. Aww thank you so much! The Kiss Quotient is on my TBR list. So many people seem to love it so fingers crossed. Binge reading sprees are awesome! It’s why I love finding older series to work my way through than new ones. I still haven’t read the final book in a series because, exactly as you say, I can’t remember all of the details from the rest of the series. Much better to read them all in one go 😊 Thanks for completing the tag!

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